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The following "Tools" are provided as a service to our clients and visitors to this site.

Users are cautioned that use of these "tools" may produce results which may not be applicable to every situation, and the information should be considered general in nature. You may wish to consult with our professional advisors before making final decisions regarding your particular financial or business situation.

We appreciate your interest in these items and if you have suggestions for other "Tools" you would like to see, please contact our Webmaster.


Loan Payments
Calculate a loan amortization schedule and print the results.

Mortgage Refinance Breakeven Analysis
Prepare a simple analysis of how long it will take to recover the costs of refinancing your loan. Consult with us to determine what costs may be deductible.

Bi-Weekly Payment Calculator
Accelerate your payments and payoff your loan. This calculator will help determine the impact of making your payments more frequently.

Mortgage qualifier
Get a rough idea of what size mortgage you might qualify for, using common banking rules of thumb.


Savings Calculator
Determine the benefits of a structured savings program and how much money you might accumulate.

401(k) Savings Calculator
Tax deferred savings accounts are popular vehicles for accumulating wealth. Estimate how much you might save for retirement with this popular calculator.

College Savings Requirements
Sending a child to college can be expensive, but early planning will help. A great tool for parents and grandparents. See our professionals about setting up a gifting program for minors and college bound students.

Required Minimum Distributions
Calculate an estimate of the minimum amount you will need to distribute from all of your retirement funds.

Social Security Benefits Calculator
Use this government provided site to calculate an estimate of your Social Security benefits when you retire.


Net Worth Calculator
This tool is a great way to begin the financial planning process with our professionals. Estimate your net worth.

Home Budget Calculator
Set up a basic budget and control your spending. Another great way to begin the financial planning process with our professionals.


Tax Planning Calendars
Use this page to review a summary of the major filing deadlines for the year 2004.

Tax Organizer
Use this organizer to help pull together you financial information for our tax group to prepare your return.


Technology Bandwidth
Test your internet connection speed by linking to this site.



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