Tax Compliance and Planning . . .

Today's economic environment requires that tax services extend beyond the traditional return preparation functions. Tax compliance and planning are both an essential part of the services we offer to clients. Planning the tax consequences of client decisions can effectively control tax liabilities and related issues. Proper attention to compliance issues and proper return preparation can reduce the possibility that future examinations will yield significant adjustments.

We believe our responsibility is to assist clients in planning and minimizing their tax liability, while complying to the greatest extent with the letter and intent of the law and regulations. The Firm is progressive in its attitude toward tax matters and strives to maximize legitimate tax benefits for each client.

We are experienced in preparing thousands of tax returns each year, for a variety of clients in a variety of venues, both at the state and federal levels and we offer a full range of tax services to individuals, proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations in this regard, including:

Federal, State and Local Reporting
Tax Planning and Research
IRS and Regulatory Examinations
Estate and Trust Matters
Financial Planning
Sales Tax Compliance and Auditing

As a natural consequence of operating a business, clients often require specialized services such as employee benefit plan reporting and administration, planning and assistance with corporate mergers, acquisitions and liquidations. We stand ready to assist in that regard or bring other specialized providers into the team to assist.

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