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Accounting System Design and Implementation

When a client’s growth warrants, we are available to assist in the transition from a third party processor (like our Firm) to an in-house system. Our management services group can assist in the review and selection of accounting software that is suitable for a client’s needs. We have experience and support client installations of Quickbooks Pro and Peachtree. We also have helped clients install Bidtek Construction, Timberline, and Shelby accounting packages.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Staff Selection Assistance

On numerous occasions, clients have requested our assistance in locating and interviewing candidates for internal accounting positions. We can assist in this regard by placing appropriate ads, reviewing resumes and conducting interviews to narrow the choices for clients to make the final selection. We have had success in helping select personnel ranging from senior financial officers to entry level bookkeeping clerks.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Staff Training

Members of our Firm are also called upon to assist clients in training new or existing personnel in a variety of roles. We have conducted training of personnel to implement new accounting and computer installations, as well as revisions of existing systems and procedures. In conjunction with our audit services group, we are often called upon to use our knowledge of client systems to train new bookkeepers or familiarize new management as to existing procedures.

Interim Bookkeeping and Accounting Assistance

There are times when clients find that they have lost accounting personnel, either to resignation or other termination, and are in need of transition services to keep their financial operations running smoothly. In such situations, we are able to provide a wide range of expertise and personnel to assist (without a management role) in day-to-day operations until replacement personnel can be located and trained.

We have successfully provided services to our clients ranging from basic bookkeeping to complex accounting and overall fiscal management.

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