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Estate and Trust Matters

Few generations have seen the growth of their assets as have the current "baby boomers". Retirement plans, stock options and deferred compensation plans have allowed many clients to accumulate vast amounts of wealth. The challenge many of our clients face is multifaceted:

How do you pass wealth to the next generation without incurring an inordinate amount of tax liability? How do you transfer assetsto a recipient at an age where he or she has the maturity to manage the assets? Are there ways to give funds to a charity in the future, but keep the income for during my lifetime?

The professionals in our tax group have extensive experience and training in estate and trust matters and can help clients answer those important questions. As the professionals most familiar with the details of many aspects of a client’s financial matters, we are often in the best position to lead a team of attorneys, insurance professionals and investment advisors to arrive at client solutions that are practical and understandable.

We have helped plan the estates of many clients by suggesting practical methods of transferring assets according to the clients’ wishes, both during their lifetime and after death. The establishment of Family Limited Partnerships to hold operating assets, planned giving programs, sales of closely-held stock, insurance trusts, and succession planning are but a few of the methods we have suggested as part of the estate planning team.

After the planning has been done, our professionals have assisted in the proper implementation and monitoring of the plan steps, a key and pivotal element necessary to assure that the ultimate wishes of the client are carried to fruition.

We are also skilled in the planning, administration and reporting of both simple and complex trusts. Our clients have implemented everything ranging from simple revocable trusts ("Living Trusts") to complex charitable remainder annuity trusts and we are available to assist them in every aspect of their administration.

Financial Planning

Financial planning is not rocket science. It involves the combination of planning skills, a good sound technical knowledge of the tax environment, and, above all, a close working relationship with the client.

Our relationships are built on a long history of trust and caring. When clients trust their advisor, they feel more free to discuss personal matters related to their financial future, including issues related to family matters and estate planning. Combined with strong planning and technical skills, our professionals can craft a plan which is tailor made for each client and which is independent of commissions or brokerage fees.

A Certified Financial Planner® on our staff is available to assist you in this important part of securing your financial future.

For further information please contact Edith L. Yates, CPA. Certified Financial Planner®

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