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Financial Management and Administration

Clients often face unique challenges as the result of growth or changes in their operations. Often the challenges are related to the development of internal capabilities to produce quality and timely financial information. The process of hiring and training new personnel, implementing new accounting software systems or changing internal procedures to accommodate new business opportunities can be daunting. As experienced accounting and financial professionals, we are adept at providing:

Interim Accounting Assistance
Staff Selection and Training
Accounting Systems Design and Implementation
Accounting Software Implementation and Conversion

Corporate Finance

As a result of opportunities in the market place, or a change in business conditions, the need may arise for an organization to change the size and scope of its operations. Owners may be forced to retire because of health reasons, competitive changes may warrant the spin off or liquidation of unprofitable operations, or management may want to acquire another company. We have assisted our clients with a number of such activities, including:

Corporate Mergers, Acquisitions and Liquidations
Business Negotiations Between Diverse Parties
Purchases and Sales of Existing Companies
Budgeting and Capital Analysis

Organizational Development and Planning

Planning is a keystone of organizational development. The strategic planning process can be complex as management attempts to develop specific milestones to implement established goals and objectives. The financial implications of a strategic plan can be some of the most complex issues facing a client. Our practical knowledge, combined with our day-to-day experiences with hundreds of clients, serves us well as advisors in:

Long-Range Strategic Planning
Business and/or Departmental "Re-engineering"
Organizational Analysis
Succession Planning
Buy Sell Agreements and Stock Purchase Issues

Litigation Support

We are often called upon to assist our clients in resolving disputes between diverse parties. Sometimes negotiations break down and the matter ends up in litigation. We have provided expert witness testimony in a number of matters and can assist your counsel in various aspects of litigation, either as an expert or as a consultant. Our audit staff can also assist in formulating and conducting forensic investigations as part of a litigation support engagement.

Business Valuations

Despite numerous books and technical articles, the process of business valuation takes a high degree of judgment and experience. Combined with solid training and a specialty designation from the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts, we have the expertise to assist in valuations for a variety of purposes, including sales and purchases, estate and gift, leveraged buyouts, and marital separation.

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