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Under ideal circumstances, a client knows exactly what needs must be satisfied or what accomplishments must be achieved. But occasionally, issues or needs arise which require innovative approaches, unique business skills, or a fresh perspective.

The experience and skills of our professionals in accounting, auditing, tax research and preparation, and general business consulting, place the members of our Firm in the position of having diverse resources to assist clients in many matters that extend beyond the traditional services of a CPA firm.

Studies and analyses often yield suggestions and recommendations for action. But the hallmark of a good consultant and advisor is the practical nature of the advice rendered and the ability to help implement the advice, adapting as required to the process of change.

Our professionals have extensive experience implementing the recommendations we pose to our clients and, because of our long-term relationships, we often have the opportunity to see the results put into play.

Our business and professional skills can be used to provide management assistance in a variety of areas, including:

Financial Management and Administration
Corporate Finance
Organizational Development and Planning
Business Valuations
Litigation Support
Technology Solutions

As trusted advisors to many organizations, we often have the opportunity to observe the successes and challenges of others, and we believe that sharing those ideas and experiences can be a useful and valuable service to our clients. We believe that our team of professionals is well suited for today’s business environment and that we can apply our skills to solve client challenges.

We have worked with construction contractors to implement new software systems. We have redesigned their estimating and job costing systems and restructured accounting departments.

Our staff has designed and implemented leverage buyouts by management personnel of multi-state corporations. We have helped sell subsidiaries and buy new businesses.

During the course of retirement planning, we have helped companies set up ownership transition plans. Our professionals have also worked with a number of not-for-profit organizations to expand internal financial reporting capabilities.

In several instances, we have been called upon to provide day-to-day guidance to accounting departments in organizations with hundreds of employees.

In short, we have the business and professional skills to assist our clients in their operations and long-range organizational development.

For more information, please contact Edith L. Yates, CPA.

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