Not-for-Profit Organizations . . .

The not-for-profit sector is facing both opportunities and challenges in this changing world.  There are ever increasing opportunities to provide quality services to the public as society moves toward a decreased reliance on government institutions to solve social problems.  More and more these opportunities are presenting themselves to organizations at the local community level.

The challenges for today's not-for-profit organizations are also increasing as they fight for the donor dollar and face additional scrutiny of their operations and fiscal policies. Donors are becoming more sophisticated and are more adept at directing their contributions to organizations that can demonstrate that they are fiscally responsible and conservative with their money. Grantors are demanding accountability, and government oversight is increasing to assure compliance with established laws and regulations.

We have been providing services to the not-for-profit community for over twenty years, and we have served in leadership capacities in many organizations. We understand not-for-profits. Our staff has the training and knowledge to conduct audits of a wide variety of organizations, including compliance audits of governmental programs and grants under the strict requirements of Governmental Auditing Standards.

A number of our financial statement formats and presentations are used as sample reports in a national publication used by CPA firms which specifically focus on not-for-profit organizations. We also have had a number of our statement formats utilized in a related publication which focuses exclusively on religious organizations .

We are also well versed and experienced in the taxation issues of charitable organizations.  We have prepared countless Applications for Exemptions for charitable and not-for-profit organizations and understand the issues of private foundations.  We also understand the information reporting requirements (Form 990), as well as the unrelated business income tax issues (Form 990T).

Our experience in deferred giving, estate and trust planning, and foundations also complement our services in this area and we offer a variety of other services including:

Small Business Services
Comprehensive Technology Solutions
Online Payment Systems

Members of our professional staff have also served in leadership positions in many United Way agencies and not-for-profit organizations locally and nationally, including the United Way of Central Florida, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, CampFire, youth athletic leagues, and Good Shepherd Hospice.

For further information on how our professionals can help your organization, please contact Edith L. Yates, CPA.

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